Hello Calgary!

I'd like to introduce myself. I am Paul Hallelujah, raised in Calgary 1971-.  I am running for mayor this year.  My training includes 4 years of Canadian medical school, a Master's in Theology from the University of Toronto, 2 years of Electrical, Computer & Geological Engineering, a Gold Medal for the top graduating GPA in my BSCH class in Environmental Biology at Queen's, a semester of Fine Art, a completed UBC Realtor's course and a handful of Carpentry classes.  I am a Registered Psychotherapist with a focus on Adult Psychoses as per Caraclinics.com.  Currently I also run a bitcoin mining equipment store, Bitsquad.org and a crypto news and price channel at TSports.tv, an Official Theta Network partner.

Calgary and the world are sitting on the dawn of a new day - one where Science can make our communities safer, stronger and more vitally-linked to one another and to a new hope, higher than we envision in our normal day-to-day lives.

Not a politician by nature, I am running out of necessity with a platform based primarily on medically-contextualized Reform of public offices.

Being a Scientist, I feel the office of mayor can help propel some key discoveries we have made this past decade onto both local and global stages for major impact.  It is time for a refocusing and revisiting of our awarenesses and intelligences.

fMRI Screening

Dr. James Cantor at CAMH in Toronto has shown detection on fMRI of pedophiles.   Given the nature of predator-prey behaviour - cheetahs go to watering holes to graze upon buffalo, it is imperative for us to use this technology and screen our public trust.  The Toronto Star reported in 2018 that your child is 100x times more likely to be sexually or physically assaulted by an adult in the public school system than by a priest... I've been to seminary at The University of Toronto - I'd Never leave my child alone with priests.

It is my belief that all public servants:  police, teachers, doctors, nurses, judges etc. may fail in delivering safe and unbiased services to all people. fMRI can help us detect and remove such errors by scanning for common psychoses such as racism, gender discrimination and pedophilia.

Should a public servant fail an fMRI test we will offer them retraining in coordination with professional therapists, before considering sending them back out on duty, as a matter of safety.

Though controversial this policy is needed in light of the internet, reportedly 2/3 of traffic there is porn.  The common spiel and ethic have degenerated to a massive extent over the last 3 decades.

Besides the public trust it seems useful to vet immigrants too with fMRI - research shows a majority in certain cultures - especially ones not educated here from youth - are prone to pedophilia.  Do you want your child molested when visiting the neighbour's, as my child reported to me of Dr. Givemore Sakuhuni and his wife Loyce, in Silver Springs?  Police do nothing when informed. 

Cancer Controlled

In addition to clearing out the public square our research at Vaxx.in has established a plain link between eating tumor-laden meats and the expression of these cancers in new vertebrate hosts.   We are tasking towards a full retool with incents for meat farmers to convert to alts.

We wish to make Calgary prosper post-CV.  The city can be redesigned as a modern, healthy cancer- and meat-free zone by applying the best in modern science and medicine. Manufacture of alt protein can provide jobs to thousands.  We could become a centre for export to other cities and countries with proper care.

The Primer

One more leg in our platform is in regards to a deep mystery - there is a 14,500 km-wide, Earth-sized, persistent Hexagon on Saturn's North pole - the 6th planet. There are also an equally-large Pentagon and Octagon on Jupiter's poles - 5th of 8 planets.

We are planning to respond to this Primer and build a Beacon.   We believe this project is timely and has the highest potential yield of any in human history.

If we can establish Contact we expect long life as well as access to the heavens.  To learn more about this project please take a look at our website Primer.zone.

New Technology

The Beacon project requires both technological advances and funding which we are pursuing at YSolar.org and Maxle.net, projects attracting interest from many professional Engineers around the country.

Taxation 101

With regards to taxes, I am fully for doing away with all forms of taxation, at every level of government.  Taxation 101:  Why paper the printer?  It does not increase her, it simply diminishes us.   It is merely a fealty play.   

We are many hands and many talents, what we need is a way to visualize the future as it unfolds and embrace it together with capacity for change intrinsic to our humanity as it draws towards a new sky.

Upon analysis of the earth and reasons why we have not yet broken through to Sky fully it occurs to me alcohol is a major depressant - it leads to violence and immorality.  If elected I'd transition to Prohibition of alcohol and replace it with canna beer - no ethanol, just water-soluble neuroprotectant cannabinoids in a fizzy can.  Enough to get you out of yourself but not towards violence or perversion. More towards higher things, Einsteinish . Thesis: had the prohibitions been reversed in the 30s we'd have not had the rise of fascism, Hitler or WW2.

If you agree with our vision and wish to help in any way or discuss ideas together please use our secure online form.